Look at the “graveyard” of an abandoned Range Rover

Most of the models are in a terrible state

In the Netherlands, a dilapidated garage was discovered, behind the doors of which is a collection of Range Rover SUVs, as well as several cars of other brands. Judging by the pictures presented, almost all cars are in a deplorable state and are unlikely to return to the roads.
Abandoned Range Rovers were found in an old garage that looks more like a brick shed with collapsed walls. Inside and next to the building are more than a dozen British SUVs, whose condition leaves much to be desired. The cars are covered in dirt and rust, and many of the cars have flat tires.

Most forgotten Range Rovers are first and second generation models. In addition to the classic modifications, you can see off-road vehicles with an open body and a soft top in the photos. Similar versions of cars were created for individual orders. In addition, among the abandoned cars, there are two classic Mercedes-Benz R107 and R123 bodies, which have also seen better days.

Who owns the car “graveyard” and why the models are in this form is unknown. Based on the condition of the collection, the discovered Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz are unlikely to return to the roads.